Guidelines for submission of proposals for pre-conference workshops

The submission and review process for workshops differ from full paper contributions.

People interested in submitting a proposal for a workshop only have to submit an extended abstract of max. 500 words. The extended abstract should cover at least:

  • WHO are the facilitators? (describe the skills, expertise and experience of the workshop leaders, have you presented this workshop in the past? Who was the audience?)
  • WHAT can session participants expect to gain? (motivation for attending and learning outcomes for the sessions, the learning objectives must be clear)
  • WHY is that session relevant? (background and rationale of the session)
  • HOW are session participants engaged? (engagement of and interaction with session participants in alignment with expected learning outcomes, what specific format/strategies do you intend to use to accomplish the above objectives)
  • HOW will results be summarized? (take home for session participants, significance for Engineering Education)
  • Specific needs or assistance for the workshop? (Do you intend to use any simulation or other extraordinary equipment for your workshop?)
  • What are the minimum and maximum number of participants that can attend the workshop?
  • Will the workshop be a 90min, half day (3 hour) or full day (6 hour) workshop?
  • Have you presented a similar workshop at WEEF in the past?

Workshops are expected to be interactive and incorporate active learning strategies. The workshops can vary in format but must be designed to facilitate discussions between participants and the leaders. A short presentation to explain the overall intention and some tools to prepare the participants to encourage collaborative ventures are preferred. We also encourage the development of workshops that appeal to a wide audience.

Workshops should avoid any overly academic or scientific language. The conference has a diverse delegation of deans, industry, lecturers from different backgrounds and students who are interested in practical application of the information that you are presenting. If theories or research has to be discussed to give context to the workshop, it must be done in layman’s terms.

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Submission deadlines:

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