Participating Organisations

South African Society for Engineering Education (SASEE)

SASEE, as a member of IFEES, is co-hosting this event with University of Pretoria and in conjunction with the South African Engineering Dean’s Forum. SASEE brings together people in South Africa and beyond who have an interest in engineering education which include engineering academics and educators at higher and further education institutions, academics from other disciplines who teach engineering students, engineering professional support staff, engineering librarians, professional engineers, certified engineers, engineering technologists, engineering technicians and industry. South African Society for Engineering Education (SASEE) is an autonomous Society governed by the Board of Directors where Professor Debra Blaine is the SASEE President.

The gear of the SASEE logo symbolizes the technical aspect of engineering, as well as the mission of SASEE to connect the engineering community in South Africa with industry, higher education institutes and educators. The repeated colours of the gear in the logo are those of the South African flag, indicating our commitment to serving these communities within “the rainbow nation” and integrating our work with our national goals. Engineers are people who build the foundation of our society and get things moving. Our logo reflects the role that engineers and engineering educators play in South Africa.