Guidelines for submission of proposals for mini symposia

A minisymposium consists of a full 90-minute conference session organized by submitters. Each symposium should include either three or four papers that are tied together giving an overall theme to the symposium. Alternatively, we would also welcome proposals for an innovative use of time. Hence, a symposium can also be structured as a panel discussion or a short workshop

Proposals for symposiums should be 1200-1800 words, clearly detailing the proposed activity, the expected participants, and the intended outcomes. The specifics of the proposals for the different kinds of symposium structures are as below:

Panel Discussion: Please submit a proposal that includes the relevance of the topic for the engineering education community, the need for a panel discussion on the topic, the panelists, and the value brought by panelists in the discussion. In the proposal, please also include the name of a moderator of the panel discussion along with a brief reasoning for choosing the moderator.

Short workshop: A short workshop proposal should include the need for the workshop, details of the proposed workshop activity, the expected participants, and the outcomes. Also, please include the details of the workshop leaders and how they are qualified to conduct the workshop.

3-4 presentations: If you plan to submit a proposal for a number of presentations tied together, your symposium proposal should include an abstract for each of the individual presentations, how the presentations are tied together, and the need for presenting the papers in a symposium as opposed to submitting separate papers. Please also include the names of the proposed presenters, including chairperson of the symposium, along with a brief reasoning for selecting these speakers. The role of the chairperson will be to lead the session and offer a critique of the session along with facilitating discussion. For each individual abstract, please ensure that you include background and motivation for the work, purpose and significance of the contribution, approach to the work including research design where applicable, and key results and conclusion as part of your symposium proposal. Note that you can choose to submit a full paper on either or all of the abstracts submitted for the minisymposium. The submitted papers will undergo the peer-review process.

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