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Covid-19 Conference Statement

In view of the fast-paced developments of the world pandemic, COVID-19, the WEEF & GEDC 2020 organizing committee is working closely to mitigate the potential impacts these developments would have on the safety and interests of our community. This message is to inform you of our current status and clarify a few key aspects regarding the ongoing discussions. At this stage, we are on track with planning an exciting and inspiring Program for the 2020 IFEES & GEDC flagship conference in November. The current plan to-date is still to execute this conference in a face-to-face manner; nevertheless, we are mindful and monitoring global developments.

Internationally governments, including South Africa have policies and procedures in place with regards to curtailing the spread of the virus and we continue to monitor advice and communications from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and national health agencies regarding international travel and health precautions. At the moment, the situation is rather fluid but we will be monitoring and discussing the global environment on a regular basis. We are aware that, a new world order has developed that governs how we live, work, educate and socialize; now and in the future. We are still committed to hosting a safe, informative and educational event.

We thank you for your ongoing support for the WEEF & GEDC 2020 Conference and hope that the situation is minimised in the upcoming months so that we can welcome you to a memorable event.

Sunil Maharaj
General Conference Chair
Helen Inglis
TPC Chair
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